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QSyncFTP - Website upload




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Publish your web sites to any FTP server automatically

QSyncFTP - publish or update your web site with a single click on a button. It finds all changes made to the local version of the web site and uploads them to one or more FTP servers.

QSyncFTP works by checking the local file system against changes compared to the previous version. Because it does not compare the file system with the FTP file system, it finds all changes within seconds without creating an internet connection. Only if changes are detected, the internet connection is established and the files get uploaded.

An integrated FTP client allows up- and downloading files the FTP server and comparing complete directory structures between the local version and the remote version, then automatically uploading or deleting files from the FTP server.

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Automatically uploads files and folders to web sites

QSyncFTP finds all files which have been modified by comparing the modification time with the time it was last time uploaded, then stores the
Instead of using any FTP user interface, for uploading your web site, simple press the upload button, QSyncFTP handles all details, for example creation and deletion of directories.

Fast search for modified files

QSyncFTP finds out which files are modified in a few seconds

Automatically uploads with a timer

You can instruct QSyncFTP to check files for upload using a timer. This way you do not even need to push a button.

Leaves out certain directories or files

Some applications create files inside your web page, which do not need to be uploaded, for example _vti_cnf files in FrontPage. You can instruct QSyncFTP easily not to upload those files and it is able to recursively find all files which should not have been uploaded and delete them.

Executes a script before starting the upload and after finishing the upload

If you need to include files from other directory structures, you can create a script which is uploading files, creating directories etc.

HTML reports show you what has changed an give you access to old files

Optionally, QSyncFTP can store files which have been overwritten into a directory at your FTP server and link them into a HTML. The HTML report allows opening the old version of any file and show you who has modified what. If you are using FrontPage in a network, modifications contain also the author information.

Interactive FTP browser

QSyncFTP includes its own two-pane FTP browser which allows manually up- and downloading files. Optionally it can sync both directories: If you scroll the local directory, the FTP directory is scrolled in a way that always the same file name is at the top of the list. Changing directories also happens on both panes simultaneously.

Usage examples

• Create web projects and never again worry about which files must be uploaded. In order to update the web page, just press the button.

• If you are testing a PHP project at an external provider, you probably must update files very often, QSyncFTP does this with a single click

• Automatic update of automated files, such as pictures from a web cam.

• Export your Outlook calendar or store data an FTP server for later use by simply copying it to a local directory. QSyncFTP will do the rest.

• Use Search/Replace and FrontPages included pages. Modifying an included page may result in an update of many pages. QSyncFTP will find them all.

QSyncFTP - practical examples

QSyncFTP - publish or update your web site by mouse-click automatically or by timers fully automatic to any FTP server.

Mechanism of a Web project

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Setting up a web project. Simply enter the data for your FTP server and the position where files are stored locally.

Normally, in an ftp project for uploading for example a web page, you want to exclude some files or directories. Excluding directories and files speed up the upload and saves space at the FTP server.


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Work in a team

If more than one editors are working at a web page, QSyncFTP can be installed at the server or one of the computers and configured to regularly update the web page.

Finding changes

QSyncFTP does not even try to compare files at the FTP server with the local directory, instead it compares modification times at the local disk, this takes only a few seconds and does not require you to be online. If changes are detected QSyncFTP connects to the internet.

The FTP interface

Interactively browse the FTP directories and copy files. In synchronous mode both panes will show the same files, scroll simultaneously and change directories simultaneously.

Clean up FTP server

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This function compares a directory structure with your local file system and automatically issues all commands in order to make the FTP directory equal to the local directory.


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